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Sedgemoor Tenants Voice

What is Sedgemoor Tenants Voice?

Chair of Sedgemoor Tenants Voice - Chris Mosely

Sedgemoor Tenants Voice (STV) is a group of involved tenants who work with Homes in Sedgemoor to make sure we are providing the best possible services to tenants. It has close links with Homes in Sedgemoor's Board and Sedgemoor District Council. It is a consultative group and its job is to challenge how we do things. STV checks our performance against what we should be doing and asks questions if things aren't going so well. STV also looks at the issues that matter to you in your community such as anti-social behaviour and repairs.

We ask STV members for their opinion about lots of things! Making sure we take tenants' views on board is crucial so every time we are thinking of changing something or if we are updating policies or information - we talk to STV first.

What has STV achieved?

STV has been working with Homes in Sedgemoor since 2008. Since then the group has:

  • Forged strong links with Homes in Sedgemoor's Board to establish clear lines of communication
  • Introduced and managed the 'Making a Difference' fund which provides funding for local community projects
  • Developed work plans to ensure that tenants are close to and influential in achieving the aims of the Homes in Sedgemoor Delivery Plan
  • Monitored performance against our four year Decent Homes programme
  • Worked closely with Sedgemoor District Council in the development of our 30 year Management Agreement

Who attends STV?

Membership of STV is made up of:

  • Two members from each of our Special Interest Groups (Chair and Second Representative)
  • One Village Voice Representative
  • One Place for a young person
  • Representatives of our TARGs (Tenants and Residents Groups)

There are no places for staff on STV but they do attend meetings to present reports, answer questions and take minutes.

Being a Member

It's a responsible job being on STV. You would have to attend a certain number of meetings every year but you would also have to participate in those meetings and give your views. It's no good coming along and sitting in a corner! We need to hear what you think.

It's important to understand what your role would be so have a look at the pdf icon STV Member Role Description [79kb]and see what you think .


Meetings are held every six to eight weeks at Bridgwater House. They usually start around 6pm and last for around two hours. We publish details of our STV meetings in Four Seasons and on this website.

As a member of STV you would be sent a set of papers before each meeting to read in your own time. You should pick out anything of interest, things you're not sure about, disagree with or questions you want to ask. If you don't understand anything you can ring us and we will help you.

Induction and Support

If you become a member of STV we won't just leave you to it! You will take part in an induction process which has been designed to equip you with the information you need to take part. You will receive a Welcome Pack and take part in two training sessions. The training sessions are informal and will give you a chance to find out more and ask any questions. They don't just focus on STV either, because we believe that to be effective in your role on STV you need to understand about Homes in Sedgemoor and how everything works.

You will spend some time with the Chair of STV and meet members of staff. We will continue to support you after your induction by offering 3, 6 and 12 month review meetings. These meetings are to make sure you are enjoying being on the group and to check how things are going. It's your opportunity to raise any issues and to tell us about any training or other support you might need.

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