"Bedroom Tax"

The so-called "Bedroom Tax", also known as the Under Occupancy Charge or Spare Room subsidy was introduced by the Government in April 2013.

The "Bedroom Tax" affects anyone of working age and your Housing Benefit will be cut by:

  • 14% if you are deemed to have one spare bedroom or

  • 25% if you have two or more spare bedrooms.

Couples and adults will still be entitled to their own bedroom. However:

  • A boy or girl under the age of 10 are expected to share with each other

  • A boy or girl over 10 and under 16 years are expected to share with a child of the same sex as them

  • You may be deemed to have a spare bedroom if your child/children do not live with you all the time.

A severely disabled youngster may be able to have their own room - for example, if they would seriously disrupt the sleep of another child if they were to share.

Other exceptions can apply if you are a foster carer, have an overnight carer, an adult child serving in the armed forces who is away on duty or is a student who normally lives at home.

If you are concerned about how the "Bedroom Tax" could affect you, please contact the Income Team for free and confidential advice. Contact us.