Mutual Exchange

Homes in Sedgemoor customers can mutually exchange their homes with another council or housing association resident at our discretion.

  • You can apply for a mutual exchange if you have a secure or fixed term tenancy with Homes in Sedgemoor or if you have a housing association assured or fixed term tenancy and wish to swap to live in one of our properties.  You will NOT be able to do an exchange if you have a starter or introductory tenancy.

  • You can register on Homefinder Somerset to find others looking to swap in Somerset.
  • If you find a swap we strongly recommend that you visit the property during daylight hours and ensure that you are happy to accept the property in its current condition.  If you have any concerns please discuss these with us.
  • Once you have identified a mutual exchange and contacted the person you wish to swap with you will need to complete the Mutual Exchange Application Form below, after which Homes in Sedgemoor have 42 days to make a decision on whether the exchange can proceed.
  • If agreed your Neighbourhood Officer will carry out a property inspection and all relevant safety checks will be completed.  You must NOT move until the mutual exchange has been agreed and you have signed the relevant paperwork.  Please do not make any arrangements to move until you have been given a date from your landlord.  If you move without this in place you will be served with a notice to quit which will end your tenancy and you may be classed as intentionally homeless.
  • For further information please contact the Neighbourhoods Team on 0800 585 360.