If you’re looking for your next home in Somerset, then Homes in Sedgemoor can help you take that step. With more than 4,200 properties across the district, we offer everything from one-bedroom bungalows to four-bedroom houses.

We provide sheltered housing for those looking for additional support, and Extra Care Housing is also available.

You’ll need to register with Homefinder Somerset firstly, as all social housing properties across the county are let this way.

On the Homefinder Somerset website you can complete an online application or contact your local authority’s Housing Advice Department for further information.

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Based on your circumstances, you’ll be banded Gold, Silver or Bronze, and this banding is managed by Housing Advice, part of Somerset Council. They can be contacted on 0300 123 2223.

If your application is successful you can apply for a property as and when it becomes available. This is called a “choice based letting” system and means you can choose where you want to live.  

You can now access Homefinder via your smartphone or tablet! This will make it far easier for you to use when you’re making a new application, updating an existing application or searching/ bidding for homes.

Properties are advertised every week on the Homefinder Somerset website. You can view them online from Wednesday to Sunday and place ‘bids’ on properties that suit your needs. This means that you are expressing an interest in the property and wish to be considered.

The listing for each home explains who can apply for the property – for example, if it is suitable for a large family or adapted for a disabled person. You will only be able to see and bid for properties that meet your households needs.

Priority is given to certain groups of people, for example if their current home is overcrowded or not fit to live in. You may also get priority if you are pregnant, have dependent children, have been in care, or have high medical needs.

Once you have placed your bid and the advert has closed it will be offered by the landlord to the person with the greatest need. If they turn it down, it is then available to the next person on the list. Sometimes several people will be invited to a view a property.

If you turn down a home you will be able to apply again. However, if you refuse three properties in succession your application could be suspended by your local authority.

Applying for a home with us

All council or housing association homes for rent in Somerset are advertised on Homefinder Somerset.

If you are interested in applying for a home with Homes in Sedgemoor, visit Homefinder to register and see our available properties.