We actively encourage involvement here at Homes in Sedgemoor. There’s an opportunity to suit everyone, so why not join other customers in making a difference?

Involvement can take as much or as little of your time as you decide. By joining one of our Involved Customer Groups, you will help to shape our services now and for the future.

We have a number of different customer groups which you could become involved with including our Sedgemoor Tenants Assurance Committee, our Neighbourhood Champions and our consultation groups.

Sedgemoor Tenants Assurance Committee (STAC)

STAC ensures that agreed service delivery standards to all tenants, shared owners and leaseholders is achieved and that Homes in Sedgemoor meets the expectations and outcomes of the Consumer Regulatory standards. 

Meet the Sedgemoor Tenants Assurance Committee

Sarah – Chairperson

I am passionate about ensuring housing is fit to combat the effects of climate change and to achieve the net zero carbon emission targets.  My experience in this area includes being trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader. “

“I applied to be a member of STAC as I feel it is very important for the tenant’s voice to be heard and to create a positive future narrative for social tenants and housing.”
“I applied to be a member of the STAC as I wanted to Continue being an involved tenant.”
STAC member Pauline
“I hope to make a difference by supporting our local community and making it a better place to live and enhance our quality of life here in Sedgemoor. I look forward to seeing things from both sides as a tenant and the other side as landlords of the properties we live in.
“The reason for joining the group was to explore the issues that can impact tenants and to try to improve the services they receive through a robust assurance overview to ensure that the quality aims of HiS are being implemented.”

I applied to become a member of STAC to be part of the link between Homes and Sedgemoor and its residents and help in any way he can in making things better, easier for tenants.”

Would you like to get involved?

Taking part gives you:

  • A chance to have your say
  • Influence the way we deliver our services
  • Make a positive difference
  • Learn new skills and meet new people
  • We cover out of pocket expenses, provide you with lunch and/or refreshments and will even book you a taxi.

To get involved in any way, contact the Community Development & Engagement Team on 0800 585 360 or 01278 552 400, or email community.engagement@homesinsedgemoor.org.

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Making a Difference

Are you part of a community group or project that helps to develop estates, improve the environment or benefits the community? You could be eligible for our Making a Difference (MaD) Fund, worth up to £500!

Neighbourhood Champions

Neighbourhood Champions logo

Neighbourhood champions work closely alongside our Community Enabler Team to complete inspections to help us promote local activities and support neighbourhood improvements. 

Being a Neighbourhood Champion gives you the chance to:

  • Influence the development of the business
  • Make a positive impact on how we engage with customers
  • Provide solutions to any problems that exist
  • Meet new people in your community who are passionate about improving the area in which they live 

Opportunities include:

Digital Champion logo

Digital Champion

Homes in Sedgemoor will send you various items and ask you to review them. This opportunity will not need a set time commitment as it will be ad-hoc, making it a flexible way to get involved.

Neighbourhood Champion logo

Community Champion 

Community Champions will influence what and how Homes in Sedgemoor promote locally, connecting the community and be an ambassador for all things local.

Block Champion logo

Block Champion 

As a Block Champion, you will undertake inspections in the communal or shared spaces, update notice boards, and help the Community Enablers to develop new initiatives. *Block Champions are those who live in a block of flats or communal living space such as a Sheltered Housing Scheme.

“The beauty of being a Neighbourhood Champion is that you’re in control. You can get involved in as little or as much as you’d like – it’s entirely up to you, we’re not expecting you to do everything! You can get involved without leaving your home by reviewing documents as a Digital Champion or monitoring the cleaning services within a block as a Block Champion.”

Sharon, Community Enabler
Photo of Sharon

You can register your interest today by completing the online form. Or if you’d like further information, please contact our Community Enabler Team on 0800 585 360

Consultation Groups

Customers Services and Communication Group

You will have the chance to review information about customer services, compliments, complaints and how we are improving services through our customer first approach, together with communications. 

  1. Neighbourhoods Services Group

    If you are the kind of person who is passionate about where you live and have ideas about improving your neighbourhood, then let us know.

  2. Scrutiny Panel

    The Scrutiny Panel meets two or three times a year to look at specific service areas. We also invite customers to join a one-off panel if it is a service area of interest to them.

  3. Property Services Group

    If you’re interested in how well we maintain and develop our properties and how we can make sure customers are happy with the repairs they receive, then this group is for you.

  4. Homeowner & Leaseholder

    Getting involved in this group will give you the opportunity to air your views about the things that affect you as a leaseholder.  

  5. Digital / Community Champions

    You will have the opportunity to help us improve our digital services or get involved in your local community.

  6. Customer Led Scrutiny

    Customer scrutiny allows a small group of customers to monitor and comment on the services that Homes in Sedgemoor delivers. Scrutiny reviews and reports on how well we are doing and identifies any recommendations for improvement. It’s an independent check on the standard of service that HiS are providing to tenants, and recommendations give us clear and specific areas to act on and improve.

Involved Customers at our 2022 Star Awards.
Group holding a Making a Difference cheque.
Bridgwater Ranger group picture with Housing Team Leader, Sarah.
Homes in Sedgemoor colleague with someone at a fun day