As existing Homes in Sedgemoor customers, you can mutually exchange your home with another council or housing association resident at our discretion.

A mutual exchange is a way of moving home. If you want to move to a different property either locally or nationally you can swap your home with someone else.

You can swap homes with any council or housing association tenant in the UK as long as they have the right to mutual exchange and want to swap homes with you.  You will not be able to do an exchange if you have a starter or introductory tenancy.

We recommend that you register on Homeswapper to look for someone to swap with. Homeswapper is free for Homes in Sedgemoor customers.

Once you have identified a person to swap with you can apply via Homeswapper using the Swaptracker service.  

Swaptracker is an online system which allows communication between you and Homes in Sedgemoor throughout the process of your move guiding you through each step to ensure everything is in place before you move.

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How to apply for a Mutual Exchange

If you are looking for a mutual exchange or have found a suitable home which you would like to swap to, please visit the Homeswapper website to register and fill out the online application form.