Our Homes in Sedgemoor teams carry out grounds maintenance work all year round. We also offer cleaning and caretaking work.

Scheduled grounds maintenance

Seasonal grounds maintenance schedule: 

Spring scheduleSummer scheduleAutumn scheduleWinter schedule
– Grass cutting starts
– Shrub maintenance
– Weeding of shrub areas
– Weeding of hard areas 
– Grass cutting
– Hedge cutting (August/Sep)
– Shrub maintenance
– Weeding of Shrub areas 
– Weeding of hard areas 
– Last of the grass cutting
– Hedge cutting
– Last of the shrub maintenance
– Weeding of shrub areas
– Weeding of hard surfaces 
– Pruning
– Edging (ad hoc areas)
– Tree works – monthly schedule over the winter to inspect trees on communal areas. 

Cleaning and Caretaking Service

At Homes in Sedgemoor, we have an agreement with Clean Surroundings to look after the internal and external communal areas of our properties. Tasks are split into caretaking and cleaning, the cost of this work is then recharged via your service charge. If you have any queries in relation to these charges, please contact us.

The caretakers carry out health and safety checks in your communal areas.

They will check to make sure that the sites are in line with regulations and guidelines set both by us and legislation.

They complete legionella control checks, check the fire alarms are working, report defects, clean out bin rooms and litter pick.

The cleaners are responsible for providing a general clean and tidy of the internal communal areas. This may include hoovering, moping, dusting, cleaning the stairwells and laundry rooms.

  • Cleaning windows
  • Taking personal rubbish to the bins
  • Sorting recycling
  • Cleaning and clearing tumble drier filters
  • Ensure rubbish is disposed of in the correct bins
  • Ensure recycling is placed in the correct coloured bin
  • Keep your communal areas tidy and free from rubbish
  • Clear up any spillages
  • Do not fly tip – the cost of collection is recharged either to the perpetrator or split between all customers of that scheme the following year
  • Report any repairs in the communal areas immediately
  • Do not smoke in the communal areas, dispose of cigarettes in a safe manner before you enter
  • When using any communal facilities, please make sure you are being safe and always have regard for other.
  • Clean tumble drier filters in laundry room

What is a legionella control test?

A legionella control test involves:

General needs schemes
– Involves flushing through taps in the laundries and checking the cold tap runs cold and the hot tap runs hot.
– Flushing through any external taps

Supported Schemes
– Involves flushing through taps in the laundries and checking the cold tap runs cold and the hot tap runs hot.
– Flushing the communal toilets.
– Flushing through the taps in the communal toilets, checking that the cold tap runs cold and the hot tap runs hot.
– Flushing through any external taps.

Lift Safety Policy

We manage, on behalf of Somerset Council, Passenger Lifts within Non-Domestic Properties and other Lifts and Lifting Equipment within blocks with flats/maisonettes and in individual dwellings which must be periodically inspected, kept safe for use and regularly serviced.

You can read our Lift Safety Policy on our website.

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Do I have a Cleaning and/or Caretaking Service?

Most of our blocks benefit from a cleaning and/or caretaking service. Not all blocks are the same and therefore receive different amount of hours of service. Please select your block below to view what service you currently receive.

Alpha House

Balmoral House

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Canal View

Chichester Close

Connaught House

Coronation House

Cornwall House

Dunwear House

Eastwood Close

Elizabeth Court

Elmside House

Francis Bastin House

General Higgins

Gibb House

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La Ciotat House

Meads Court

Moots Lane

Morland 25-33

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Ringstone Court

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