If you’re looking to buy your home, the Right to Buy scheme can help eligible council and housing association residents in England to buy their home at a discount.

You’ll need to check on the Government website to see if you’re eligible and discover what discount you might get. You’ll also find the Right to Buy application form on the Government website too.

Homes in Sedgemoor is the management organisation for your landlord, Somerset Council. We manage the first part of the Right to Buy process.

When we receive your completed application we will carry out checks to confirm whether you, any joint applicants, and your property are eligible for the Right to Buy. We will confirm or deny this by sending you a Section 124 notice, also known as a RTB2. We have up to four weeks to do this from the receipt of an application, or eight weeks if you have been with Somerset Council (or previously Sedgemoor District Council) for less than three years.


Please be aware that if you are eligible for the Right to Buy scheme, only emergency repairs will be carried out to your property. This will apply between the time you receive your Section 124 notice and the time when either the sale is completed, or you withdraw your application.

Valuation and sales

Eligible applications are passed to Somerset Council who carry out the valuation of the property and manage the sales process.
Somerset Council will arrange for the valuation of your property and their Legal Team will send you a formal offer letter (S125) within 8 weeks, (for a freehold property), or 12 weeks, (for a leasehold property).

Advice Service

The Government has set up a Right to Buy Advice Service which offers free and impartial advice to help residents through the process of buying their home. Their contact number is 0300 123 0913.