We understand there are times when our customers wish to move on.

If you have decided to end your tenancy, we ask for a minimum of four weeks’ notice in writing, as per your tenancy agreement, expiring on a Sunday. This can be done either by letter or email. In some instances, we may waive or reduce this at our discretion, provided all other conditions relating to the termination have been met. We will then send you out a Notice to Quit to sign, which will detail the end date of the tenancy. We will also arrange a surveyor to complete an End of Tenancy visit with you.  

Where there is a joint tenancy, notice given by one joint tenant will end the tenancy for all joint tenants. If you are a joint tenant, we strongly recommended that you tell all other joint tenant(s) if you are serving notice to terminate. There is no need for all joint tenants to end the tenancy. 

When moving out, we ask that:

  1. You give us vacant possession and return the keys of your home at the end of the tenancy.

  2. You remove all furniture, personal possessions, rubbish and all other goods, and leave your home and our fixtures and fittings in good lettable condition and repair (subject to fair wear and tear). Failure to do so may lead to recharges to you for any repairs, cleaning, rubbish removal and/or disposal costs incurred, which we consider to be your responsibility and for any damage caused.

  3. The property should be returned decorated in neutral colours (if your tenancy started after 1st April 2021).

  4. You ensure any lifeline telephone or pendants provided by us are left in the property, otherwise you will be recharged for the cost of replacement.

  5. You pay all rent, service charges and recharges which are due.

  6. You inform your utility providers that you are leaving the property and should provide meter readings to close your accounts. If any debts are outstanding, we will provide suppliers with the details they require to make contact with you, this may include your name and forwarding address.

More information about how you can end your tenancy can be found in your Tenancy Agreement.