A 12ft tree donated for Woolavington

Thanks to Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm for this whopping 12 ft tree, donated to us for customers and local people of Woolavington.

Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm is a family run 40-acre farm near Langford Budville in Somerset. The farm has been growing and selling Christmas trees for over 20 years and has 150 freshly cut Christmas trees between 4-15ft on display every year.

The farm is hugely generous in donating to charities and Sharon and the HiS team were able to arrange a donation for our Community Champion in Woolavington.

Customers living in Woolavington are delighted with the tree, which bring a smile to so many faces.

The tree has since been decorated by the community who are all getting ready for the big day next week.

Thank you to Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm for their generous donation to our community!