A good seed for the day

Overgrown gardens have been cleared back thanks to the work of Homes in Sedgemoor colleagues.

Members of staff volunteered their free time over two days last month to clear the garden at Houlgate Way, Axbridge, to make it tidier space customers can enjoy.

Housing Officer, Sian said:

“Myself and Laura are extremely relieved to have the bulk of the gardens at Houlgate Way cleared.

“We were extremely lucky to have supportive members of staff and customers of Houlgate Way to volunteer their time to support us, along with Clean Surrounds and the MD Group to help clear the overgrown gardens.

“The gardens at Houlgate way will now continue to be maintained by Clean Surrounds under the new Service Level Agreements (SLA). This was a huge project for us to take on and we are so happy that going forward our residents will be able to enjoy the communal area all year round. “  

With spring upon us and the summer months looming it was crucial to clear the brambles, overgrown trees, and bushes to give our customers a better outdoor space they can all benefit from.

The gardens behind the block of flats on Houlgate Way are on a new list of Service Level Agreements between Homes in Sedgemoor and Clean Surrounds.

SLAs are a list of expectations between us and Clean Surrounds to keep certain areas owned by Homes in Sedgemoor tidy and free of any fly-tipping.