DAHA Accreditation

Homes in Sedgemoor is working towards the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) accreditation to ensure we continue to give survivors the support they need. 

The DAHA accreditation is the benchmark for how housing providers should respond to domestic abuse in the UK. It is recognised in the government’s Ending Violence against Women Girls Strategy 2016 to 2020. 

Neighbourhood Manager, Lindsey said:

“Homes in Sedgemoor continues to work towards achieving the DAHA (Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance) accreditation. 

“DAHA is launching an updated set of standards which we will be working towards to over the next couple of months to ensure we are providing survivors and their families with the best support possible. 

“We are in the process of setting up a steering group which will include members throughout various teams within Homes in Sedgemoor, so that no matter who you contact, we will be able to help you.”

This accreditation works on the following principles housing is the primary barrier for women attempting to leave abusive situations. We will then be placed on the spot and respond to domestic abuse as a first point of contact. 

The accreditation will make us review our current policies and procedures surrounding how we respond to domestic violence, and how we can better work with other organisations and partners. 

If you would like some help or advice surrounding domestic abuse, please contact our Neighbourhoods Team at 0800 585 360. 

Alternatively, you can find out what support is available on our Domestic Abuse page on our website, or you can contact the Somerset Intergraded Domestic Abuse Service on 0800 69 49 999 for more information.