Free PAT testing for mobility scooters

A free mobility scooter PAT testing service is being offered by Homes in Sedgemoor. This free service aims to identify and address any potential issues to your mobility scooters. 

The session will be run by our Handyperson, Geoff, at Dunwear House on February 26, and at Chichester Close on Wednesday, February 28. Both sessions run from 10am-12noon. 

FAQS for customers:

Q1. Do I need to bring my mobility scooter? 

No, you just need to bring the charger, if you cannot take it to Geoff, go and see him and he will PAT test it in place. 

Q2. What does he test? 

A. He tests your charger is safe to use, checks the plug, and the leads are not damaged. 

Q3. Can you test e bikes? 

Yes, but only the charger, not the battery or the bike. 

Q4. Is this a guarantee that my scooter is safe? 

No, it only looks at the charger and leads, not the actual scooter itself. 

Q5. Do you need to take the charger apart? 

No, there is no need to take it apart to test it. 

Q6. How much does the test cost? 

If Geoff does it the test costs nothing. 

Q7. Has Geoff had training, 

Yes, Geoff has been on a course to gain a qualification on PAT testing.