Get help with debts during Debt Awareness Week

At Homes in Sedgemoor, we were proud to support Debt Awareness Week 2024 – an annual event led by the UK’s leading provider of free debt advice, StepChange.

We’re passionate about ensuring debt advice is available and accessible to anyone and everyone that is experiencing problem debt. However, we know the process of seeking help might seem daunting and StepChange data shows that 92% of people surveyed* wish they’d got help sooner.

Debt Awareness Week seeks to tackle five major barriers to getting debt advice, which are:

*Not understanding what debt advice is
*Mental health and vulnerabilities
*Fear about the impact on credit scores or not being able to borrow money
*Not having the time to get help
*Shame and stigma

With research showing that over half of customers wait for over a year before seeking debt advice, we’ve partnered with StepChange to share their campaign message far and wide and raise awareness of their services to break down those barriers to getting help.
If you are struggling with your finances then StepChange can you offer you free, confidential, and completely impartial support. Nobody will know that you’ve spoken to StepChange, not even us.

If you need some help, don’t put off reaching out and accessing advice. You can take the first step by using StepChange’s 60-second debt test, which can help you understand if you may need additional support and can help direct you towards whatever will help you most.

You can also start debt advice online 24/7 at your own convenience, and if you need any support then StepChange’s expert advisors will be on hand to help via webchat or the phone.