Listening to our customers

Our customers are our priority, and when we heard they felt improvements could be made at Coronation House, in Sydenham, we were quick to act. 

After some customer feedback about the cleaning and caretaking at Coronation House, we visited the area and swiftly put in place an action plan for a clean-up operation.

Working in partnership with contractor Clean Surrounds, we improved the customers’ environment, by assigning certain issues to certain officers. The outcome is that cleaning has increased to three sessions a week, including the outside area. A new waste management process for customers has now been agreed and the Compliance Team shared their feedback around improvements at Coronation House.

One of our Housing Officers also organised for a daily presence on site, with a positive outcome.

The work is already making a positive impact to the area, with customers reassured that we listen to their concerns and act upon them where we can.

Before the clean up of Coronation House
Before the clean up of Coronation House
Coronation House after a clean up operation
Coronation House after clean up operation