LOCALZ is a new application which runs alongside your responsive repairs service. It works in a similar fashion to the system parcel delivery companies use to tell you where your delivery is. When you request a repair, you’ll get a notification sent to your mobile phone to confirm your appointment has been scheduled. This message will contain a clickable link to the LOCALZ App which will show you additional appointment information, such as the time and date it’s booked. If an engineer can’t make your appointment or you wish to reschedule, a notification will be sent to you requesting a new appointment time and date. You will also receive a single-day reminder one day prior to your appointment, or 24 hours before. 

The best part of this application is you can track your engineer and see how far he is from reaching your property. This app will also allow you to message your engineer and inform him of any updates such as more accurate directions to your property, or if you’re running five minutes late for your appointment. 

We would like to encourage you to send us your feedback about your repair by using the LOCALZ feedback service. You will receive a short survey which is sent via text message. If you have any questions about the LOCALZ application, please contact your surveyor at 0800 585 360.