Progress at Penlea

Ground clearance works continue, with unwanted materials to be removed from the site.

A new drainage system has been installed up through the main entrance and the road tarmacked up to base level, this will be fully brought up to Highways standards once the development has been completed.

In terms of planned works for the upcoming months, the foundations are due to commence with the concrete being poured. The blockwork for the new building will begin and retaining walls at the entrance will commence.

Works on Rhode Lane are due to a requirement to have a newly upgraded electricity cable for the development capable of managing the loads required for the Electrical Vehicular charging points that will be installed. These works are being completed from 3rd April to 20th April. This should result in the current generator being removed at the end of this month.

Porotherm Bricks made from clay will be used to construct the new development. Porotherm bricks are 60% lighter than conventional walling material. This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling. They have excellent thermal insulation which is 45% better when compared to other conventional construction materials. This leads to direct savings on energy consumption, air consumption, and heating devices.