Rent Changes Explained

Customers are advised that rent charges are increasing from 1st April, 2024 by 7.7%. Customers should have received a ‘formal notification of change’ letter to notify them of this change.

Homes in Sedgemoor (HiS) applies the rent increase agreed by Somerset Council. The decision to increase rents by 7.7% is line with the Government’s 2019 (and updated 2023) rent standard.

Except for Lifeline, Independent Living Services (ILS) and Energy charges, all service charges from 1st April, 2024 have been charged according to actual costs incurred from April 2023 to Dec 2023 plus forecasted costs for January 2024 to March 2024.

Lifeline charges will increase to £2.07 per week.

Bronze ILS weekly charges will increase to £11, which remains Housing Benefit eligible. ILS weekly charges for the Silver package are increasing to £7.43 and for Gold are increasing to £11 (both in addition to the £11 Bronze package charge).

Where energy costs have increased above 8.57%, HiS have capped the recharge to customers.

Some service charge costs have seen a considerable increase. However, for 2024/25 we have limited the potential weekly increase for all service charges combined to £10. This arrangement applies for one year, and we will need to review the arrangement when preparing the 2025/26 service charges.

A 10% management fee on all eligible service charges has always been charged within individual charges but will now be shown as a separate charge of the ‘formal notification of change’ letter.

A reminder that all service charges are housing benefit eligible except Lifeline, ILS Silver/Gold, sewerage and heating charges.

There are 51 rent weeks in 2024/25 compared to 50 rent weeks in 2023/24

If you have any questions regarding the rent and service charges applicable from 1st April 2024 please contact out customer services team via telephone: 0800 585 360 or email: