Rent Free Weeks

Rent Free Weeks: 18/12/2023 and 25/12/2023

Do you know we don’t charge rent for the 2 weeks over Christmas? These are our ‘rent free weeks’.

In arrears?

If you are in arrears we expect you to still pay rent to reduce the balance owing.

Monthly or Direct Debit payer?

If you pay your rent monthly or claim Universal Credit the payments must continue in full in December. The 2 rent free weeks are accounted for in your monthly rent calculation so if you don’t pay a full month, arrears will start to accrue.

Rent paid direct?

If your rent is paid direct to us by Housing Benefit or Universal credit, you don’t need to do anything – the rent free period is calculated in your payment already.

More support needed?

If you need help or advice, contact your Income Officer on 0800 585360, Facebook: HomesinSedgemoor, X (twitter) @homesedgemoor or email