Striving their way to Success

On November 23, Homes in Sedgemoor (HiS) colleagues hosted an event with the organisers of the Strive project at Bridgwater House. The event was to celebrate every one of our customers who took part and completed the Strive course and to highlight all their hard work. The event was in the style of the popular television programme, Dragons Den, with cash awards to help four Strivers set up their businesses.

The Strive course helps to explore the potential of starting a business, benefiting not only participants but their local community as well. This course will provide a platform for those taking part to begin a business based on their own skills and knowledge supported by our training programme.

The course is a 7-week support and training package for residents looking to start a new business and have not started yet, or are in the early stages.

Director of Communities and Customer Service for HiS Claire Tough said: 

“We were super-proud to hold a reception and celebrate the achievements of 14 of our customers who took part in a 7-week on-line course to kick start their new businesses. The Strive project culminated in a Dragons Den style review that was an overwhelming success. We were so impressed by the overall standard of the submissions, the vision and ambition, and we look forward to working with these customers in the future.”

Those in attendance collected their awards in person. They were:

  • Marcin Kryczka
  • Samantha Moore
  • Katy Alvis
  • Katie Reading
  • Joshua O’Shaughnessy
  •  Trasa Birkenshaw
  • Rachel Collins
  • Jenny Ncube
  • Richard Hole
  • Martin Arrowsmith

Other successful Strivers who passed the course but were unable to attend were also commended for their great work. The session was also live-streamed using the popular meeting application, Zoom.

People who were unable to attend but passed the course were:

  • Charlotte Ham
  • Charlotte Keirle
  • Chris Fisher
  • Gemma Barret

To help springboard their businesses further, Strive working alongside Homes in Sedgemoor developed four start-up awards with cash prizes up for grabs. The winners were:

  •      Katy – £500
  •      Samantha – £500
  •      Marcin – £500
  •      Rachel – £250