Work progressing on West Street

Work on West Street has been continuing apace, with modernisation works and upgrades taking place on two blocks on West Street and work now completed at Southbourne House.

All the balconies to the communal area and individual flats have been upgraded, with replacement windows and ongoing investment in the properties in our portfolio.

The completed Southbourne House now boasts new railings, a new fibreglass roof with additional insulation.

West Street now has two blocks freshened up with anthracite painted windows, back railings, new roof, and extra insulation. Tiles have been removed to put in external wall insulation. The garage doors and doors to bin stores have all been painted and we are now currently working on Westfield Close. This work is set to be completed next month.

Steve Forey, surveyor at Homes in Sedgemoor said: “We are really pleased with how smoothly works are progressing at West Street; modernising the properties both internally and externally. We’ve implemented a fresh new look to brighten up the facade, and installed new insulation, roofing, doors and balconies where appropriate.”