Affordable, environmentally friendly homes unveiled

Officers and Board members from Homes in Sedgemoor were joined by Councillors from Somerset Council, with residents and representatives from organisations responsible for building the new homes, at Chamberlin Avenue in Bridgwater on October 17, for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the first new affordable houses from the Sydenham Garage Project.

One bespoke six-bedroom property, one three-bed and two two-bed houses were “unveiled” at Chamberlin Avenue following months of dedicated work from Homes in Sedgemoor, Somerset Council (formerly Sedgemoor District Council), and Rigg Construction.

The Chamberlin Avenue homes form part of a larger project of 4 former redundant garage sites, involving a £4.2 million investment which was overseen by Homes in Sedgemoor, with the six-bedroom property developed specially for a family with specific needs. In total the project has seen 14 homes created from redundant garages in areas which were previously run down and subject to anti-social behaviour.

The new homes are environmentally friendly, with added electric vehicle charging points.

On visiting the properties, Cllr Theo Butt Philip, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to see social housing coming on the scene. To see Homes in Sedgemoor bring on 14 desperately needed housing is really encouraging.”

Homes in Sedgemoor Chief Executive Peter Hatch said: “This is a huge team effort across the four garage sites (in Chamberlin Avenue, Saxon Green and 2 sites in Avalon Road), providing 14 new homes for the local community. It’s a perfect example of partnership working, and these homes are environmentally friendly and offer affordable rent options which is exactly what we need for the future.”

Former Sedgemoor District Council Chairman, Cllr Alan Bradford had broken ground back in January 2023 and he praised the speed at which the development had come to fruition. “It’s tremendous,” he said. “It’s all about teamwork. There’s a real quality to this development.”

Homes in Sedgemoor has just started work on the next phase of building more bespoke homes designed to meet the unique housing needs of families who others cannot help.