Big Energy Saving Week 2022

Big Energy Saving Week is a national campaign with the aim to help and encourage people to save energy while cutting down on fuel costs at the same time.

The event was created in partnership with Citizens Advice, the Energy Saving Trust and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Many other organisations and charities often support this campaign, too.

This week we have been highlighting how you can save money on your energy bills.  

Who can I talk to about my energy?

Maria is our Energy Support Advisor at Homes in Sedgemoor and can help answer any of your energy-related questions. 

The role of the Energy Support Advisor is to provide help and support to our customers who might need some advice surrounding their energy bills. Maria’s role is also to motivate customers and enable them to take action to reduce their fuel bills, cut carbon emissions, and make their homes warmer and more comfortable. 

You can contact Maria through our Customer Services Team at 0800 585 360. 

Before speaking to Maria, you should approach your supplier in the first instance. You can also talk to the following: 

Electric Calculator

You can work out how much your home appliances cost to run using an online electric calculator. You can find it on the Sust-it website.

Energy Q&A

My supplier has gone bust, what do I need to do?

You should take a meter reading, a picture showing the read is best. Keep copies of your recent bills statements and if you have an online account, print, or take snapshots of your recent bills statements clearly showing supplier, dates, tariff and payments and balances. You can cancel your direct debit if you want to, but you don’t need to. 

If you already have a switch in progress this will proceed as normal. Ofgem will appoint a new supplier. Your supply is safe, it won’t be disrupted, and it should only take a few days. 

Any credit with your old supplier is protected. Your new supplier will contact you. When they do, ask to be put on their cheapest tariff. You will need to decide your preferred payment method. There are no exit fees with your appointed supplier if you later decide to switch.

Should I look for a fixed tariff?

Some suppliers are not taking any new registrations right now and some comparison sites are unable to offer switching services as many tariffs have been withdrawn. 

If you take out a fixed tariff now, you will likely be paying more than on a default tariff*, which is protected by Ofgem’s Price Cap**. However, with the Cap predicted to rise again in April, you may decide to fix and pay more now to avoid any potential increases later. Don’t be surprised to find that any fixed tariffs available now are some 60% higher than they were only one year ago.

* Default tariff – standard variable tariffs on credit and pay-as-go meters

** Ofgem Price Cap-this is a limit set by Ofgem on how much a supplier can charge consumers for standard credit and standard prepayment tariffs. This cap can be raised or lowered. Right now, due to the increase in wholesale prices, the cap has risen substantially twice this year and is likely to go up again in April 2022.

I am currently on a fixed tariff from before the increase, should I switch now?

If your tariff was fixed prior to the increase, your rates are most likely very good compared to anything available right now.

What happens to my Warm Home Discount payment?

If you have applied for your Warm Home Discount*** and your supplier has gone bust, you should reapply to your newly appointed supplier.

*** The Warm Home Discount isa£140 payment towards your energy costs. If you have not already applied and think you may be eligible, contact your supplier to apply or go to their website searching for ‘supplier name Warm Home Discount’.

What should I do if I’m having difficulty paying?

You should always contact your supplier for help. Do not avoid talking to them. Suppliers can offer support if you are having difficulty paying, from energy advice to repayment plans. Contacting them is always the better option.

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